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I provide one on one coaching via Zoom.

Sometimes it helps to have someone who can help you push through the barriers or blocks that continually prevent you from being able to heal or get to making changes in your life. See the different types of coaching available. 

Self Healing Coaching

Healing comes from within you, and Self Healing Coaching is a service I offer to help you heal from your past. Many abused in early childhood grow up to be adults who experience the same type of abusive relationships over and over again or have behaviour patterns that are spoiling their life.

It doesn't have to be that way!

 In Self Healing Coaching, I provide a safe space and facilitate you to heal yourself. The processes I use are almost magical, but it all comes from you. 

I can help you reach that place when you can experience peace, joy and freedom in your life. You will be empowered to make new choices that are for your highest benefit.


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Spiritual Awakening Coaching

Spiritual Awakening can be scary or confusing, as you let go of old beliefs or conditioning. It might me challenging you to let go of some patterns of behaviour that stand in your way.

Or perhaps you need a pair of knowledgeable ears to listen as you navigate your own awakening, adding a dollop of guidance here and there, to help you make the wise choices for yourself. 


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