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Odyssey of Ascension Training

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the raising of our vibration in order to shift ourselves into a Higher Dimension. 

Ascension is happening right now, right here on Earth. It is about remembering who we really are, and this course is going to bring back to you the abilities you had as a child, but due to the society you live, perhaps your parents didn't know about your abilities and didn't foster their growth. 

I invite you to join the waiting list for our upcoming class, which is coming within a few days! When the doors are open, you can click a link to sign up, and if you signed on to the waitlist (links will appear below)  you will be notified by email when the doors are open!

The course will be arranged to accelerate your spiritual growth, while at the same time, you will be given information and exercises to bring on those psychic talents that still lie within you, and there are more to learn, much more! and these will come on board the further you progress. I mean, would you like to form energy balls, assign to to peform a specific purpose, and place them there to do their job? For example, you can create a ball of energy to surround an ailing plant. You can give it the intent to bring back health to the plant and reinforce it from time to time. The plant will transform under your eyes! We will definitely be exploring these energy spheres because their application can be amazing. 

The very first part of this course is my gift to you. Meditation 101. This mini course teaches you the foundation of meditation so that you will be well placed to get stuck into our group meditations and know what you are doing. together we meditate for a purpose, including sending energy to hotspots on Earth that needs a little of attention. You will become a Light Worker in own right the moment you step into this course. If you have read this to this point, you are already a light worker and meant to be here.

I made the meditation course a gift to you for the first part of the course, because many people struggle to deal with thoughts that come up during meditation, and they can be hard to manage. My system of exercises to manage thoughts are revolutionary, and as long as you follow the instructions, you will become a Ninja when it comes to intruding thoughts in your meditations. This meditation course alone is worth the price of your first months membership. More about the membership later on.

To get on the waitlist, Odyssey of Ascension

Click this Link

I will teach you who your guidesare , Guardian Angels and the usual Beings that come to you for a specific purpose. The Higher Vibrational Beings who are helping people who ask to grow in a particular way are just waiting to be asked, but you have to know about them first! We will spend time on these beings and you will be guided for how to go about it.


You will be taught about the Ascended Masters who walked before you, and have dedicated their existence to helping you in your growth as a Spiritual being to enrich your life, and help others. There are many of these, and they have retreat places where you can go in your sleep to be taught various things, heal you or just give you a big Wow! So dream interpretation is going to be a major part of this course because dreams are our guidance, even the bad ones. I will be running special events which you can join that are outside of this course, and you will be provided with a discount code so you can enjoy the event at a cheaper price for simply being in this course. 

The knowledge you learn will help you make subtle changes in your life so that you can experience the richness of life from a place of joy and love, rather than from fear of what might be around the around the corner as many of us do.

You are a powerful creator, and this course will deliver you the skills to create the life you want to have.

The course was originally a 5 week course, however because we are at the point of evolution as a race at this time, I have chosen to create it as an ongoing resource for you for as long as you need it. There will be a small monthly charge, and the tools you learn will be given to you at the right speed so you can assimilate it and make it part of your life, before moving on to the next lesson. The lessons will build on top of each other so you grow in a natural way and each lesson builds the groundwork for the next, and the next.

This is going to be a fantastic journey for you and your fellow students, and for me too! We can walk together and likely form a wonderful community of like minded people who feel like a family. to belong to a safe group, or community is really important right now, when there are so few people around me who have any understanding of these subjects I love. Your family here on the course are so necessary for each and every one of us.

More will be revealed when you enter the Sacred Training Portal. 

Unlike Patreon, which can be difficult to access lessons because you have scroll down pages and pages, this course will have links in a side menu to make it easy to navigate. 

A major part of the course will be exploring things you want to learn about, and if I cannot deliver the information, then we can make it a group exploration and learn together, me included! Every single person in the Oddessy family is a valuable member and all members make the journey rich for everyone. One law of the universe that happens is that we are called to the group of people we are meant to be with, and at the right time. 


We are almost ready to start, so

Join the Waiting List here

Additionally, you will learn what your Psychic Superpower is and how to use it to further your own growth and that of humanity as a whole, along with developing your psychic abilities which are your divine birthright. We have just forgotten we have them. 


Join the Waiting List here

We will balance and activate your Energy Centres (chakras) and activate your Pineal Gland which enables you to perceive through your 3rd eye.  

You will gain the ability to perceive auras, hear your pets, plants and trees through the process of telepathy. We will do powerful meditations, so that the Light of your Soul can fill you and radiate out to others. 

You will learn the most powerful way to manifest your needs and how to bring abundance into your life. 

Plus so much more! This is the training that will reveal the truth as to why we are here and what we are here to do. You will be well on your way to discovering your own mission for this lifetime, in whatever form you chose to serve the greater humanity to assist the whole in our mutual goal Ascension.  

Join the waiting list here..

This course is for those who have a desire to serve the greater good. Applicants will be given an opportunity to apply to be on the course so that you can trust there is only Love at the heart of each participant.

It is okay to want to have your own needs of love, abundance and joy met, because it is the birthright if every single one of us! This course will teach you how to bring those into your life. 

Does this sound like you? 

If it does, please click on this link to join the waiting list. I will contact you when it is time to share more details

The class will be led by me, Carol Raethel.

 Spiritual Coach, Psychic and Mystery Studies student for 30 years. Occupational Therapist, through which I have led people to achieving wholeness in their life. Herbalist, tutor, metaphysical Minister. (AKA teacher of the unseen) and I am the throes of making remote viewing a part of my skillset. with all the above subjects, can you see wy 5 weeks is not nearly enough!? So instead, lets grow together as a family and have a lot of fun doing it

Love and hugs, hope to see you soon

Carol Raethel 

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