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Odyssey of Ascension Training

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the raising of our vibration in order to shift ourselves into a Higher Dimension. 


Ascension is happening right now, right here on Earth. It is about remembering who we really are, and this course is going to bring back to you the abilities you had as a child, but due to the society you live, perhaps your parents didn't know about your abilities and didn't foster their growth. 

I invite you to join the waiting list for our upcoming class, which is coming within a few days! When the doors are open, you can click a link to sign up, and if you signed on to the waitlist (links will appear below)  you will be notified by email when the doors are open!

The course will be arranged to accelerate your spiritual growth.

I am not going to be your guru. I will facilitate your growth through a series of fun discussions, exercises and explorations into subjects that will resonate with your Soul. The class requires your participation. 

Our goal as a Soul is to shine as much light of our true essence through us onto Earth. To radiate the Love of God/Source to others, and to bring about 'Heaven on Earth.'

Odessey of Ascension is designed to help you live more from your Spiritual Self, and less from your 'ego self', which is the part of us we need to tame on our Awakening Journey.


We also explore Psychic abilities, that will come online the more you attune yourself to your Spiritual Self. We will do fun exercises together to help you grow your Psychic abilities, plus you will have exercises to practice when you are at home. 


Meditation is an important part of spiritual growth, and necessary for the Ascension Journey. The course will start with a gift of my meditation course, so that you can begin to learn straight away, of you don't already have a meditation practice. The course helps you deal with the common problem 'My thoughts just keep coming up! How can I clear my mind?' It is so easy when you learn how.


Plus much, much more.


Odessey of Ascension is a school that runs twice a month for 90 minutes on Zoom. Starting Soon!

Get on the wait list by filling out the form below.


You will be notified when we are ready to start.


Click this Link

What will we study? What would you like to study?

We can explore anything as long as it will facilitate your growth and is something the class agrees to.

However, we can explore...

How to work with your Guide

How to work with your Guardian Angel

Who are the Archangels and what can they do to help you

What are Chakras and why are they so important?

Who are the Ascended Masters and what can they do to help you? Why have they dedicated their existence to helping you in your growth as a Spiritual being?

We will do meditations to help Earth and Humanity Ascend

And so much more

Click this link to get on the wait list

The class will be led by me, Carol Raethel.

Spiritual Coach, Psychic and Mystery Studies student for 30 years. Occupational Therapist, through which I have led people to achieving wholeness in their life.

I am a Remote Viewer, and can connect my energy to others to facilitate healing. 

 Over 30 some years, I have gained many abilities, just through the process of spiritual growth, as will you!

Be sure to join the wait list. 

When will Odessey of Ascension start? 

At the right time. Be sure to be on the wait list so you don't miss out

Love and hugs, hope to see you soon

Carol Raethel 

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