Odessey of Ascension Training

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the raising of our vibration in order to shift ourselves into a Higher Dimension. 

Ascension is happening right now, right here on Earth.

I invite you to join the waiting list for our upcoming class, which will happen later this year. 

Odessey of Ascension

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This weekly class will teach you how to accelerate your spiritual growth so you are set on your path towards Ascension. We will explore what Ascension is, how it has occured in the past on Earth and how you can tune into the tools and light codes that are being sent our way. 

You will learn how to know when your body is having an Ascension tune up! 

You will learn what your Psychic Superpower is and how to use it to further your own growth and that of humanity as a whole, along with developing your psychic abilities which are your divine birthright. We have just forgotten we have them. 

In fact, many of us have forgotten who we really are, and you will discover who you really are and the absolute power you have access to, in order to manifest the love and abundance that is eternal and available for us. 

This course will add a whole new and exciting dimension to your life, as your ability to perceive and work with energy grows.

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We will balance and activate your Energy Centres (chakras) and activate your Pineal Gland which enables you to perceive through your 3rd eye.  

You will gain the ability to perceive auras, hear your pets, plants and trees through the process of telepathy. We will do powerful meditations, so that the Light of your Soul can fill you and radiate out to others. 

You will learn the most powerful way to manifest your needs and how to bring abundance into your life. 

Plus so much more! This is the training that will reveal the truth as to why we are here and what we are here to do. You will be well on your way to discovering your own mission for this lifetime, in whatever form you chose to serve the greater humanity to assist the whole in our mutual goal Ascension.  

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This course is for those who have a desire to serve the greater good. Applicants will be given an opportunity to apply to be on the course so that you can trust there is only Love at the heart of each participant.


It is okay to want to have your own needs of love, abundance and joy met, because it is the birthright if every single one of us! This course will teach you how to bring those into your life. 

Does this sound like you? 

If it does, please click on this link to join the waiting list. I will contact you when it is time to share more details 


The class will be led by me, Carol Raethel.

 Spiritual Coach, Psychic and Mystery Studies student for 30 years. Occupational Therapist, through which I have led people to achieving wholeness in their life. Herbalist, tutor and student of remote viewing.