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Quantum Hypnotherapy
Exploring our Past Lives and Life between lives

Quantum Hypnotherapy is an exploration into the Quantum Realm.


This technique allows a client, in a deep state of relaxation, to visit other places they have existed, whether that is past lives, the zone called 'Life between Lives' or other places or dimensions that will provide them with the information and experience they need to have in their hypnotherapy journey.


The client is put into a deep state of relaxation, yet is aware of what is occuring at every moment. 

During the session, the client is directed to a pre-established starting zone in the field of possibilities and they are guided by their Higher Selves to travel to a place and time they have experienced at any point of their own Soul Journey. This might include previous lives, or the space we call 'Life between Lives' often referred to as Heaven. 

Before we come into our life, we are met by a 'Council' who help us define what we want to experience in life and how we want to live. In other words, we choose the life we are going to live and the experiences we want to have during that life. 

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We have done this many times over, here or elsewhere, and because in the 'Quantum Field' there is no time, everything occurs in the everlasting moment of 'Now.' So a person can easily jump from lifetime to lifetime and explore what they want to learn about during the Hypnosis session. 

A client will have a list of questions they want to explore, and will have done some guided practice sessions to learn how to recognise how the information comes to them.

During the session, they are asked questions about what they see, and I help them to understand what is occuring and how it is relevant to the information they have asked about. The client is guided to speak about what they see, what is occuring and essentially, it is a commentary of the incredible experiences they are having. 


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In the past, people were interested in their past lives, but recently, there is more interest on this one, the life between lives and the question 'What am I here to do?


During this incredible time on Earth, many people have come here to have a life to be part of the Great Awakening and Ascension. See 'Odessey of Ascension' to learn more about the training course during which you will learn how to kickstart your growth to be an active participant of the Ascension process.

During a Quantum Hypnotherapy session, a client might also have a healing, from their Higher Self, to remove anything that no longer serves them, possible energy attachments or chords to people who are toxic for them, or even chords to past events or people that are holding them back from being who they have the potential to be. 


A Quantum Therapy session is usually life changing, and the client goes on to fulfill their purpose which is usually in service to humanity and the ALL. This is not a promise of Quantum Hypnotherapy, but a testimonial from the Leaders, the Healers and anyone working in service of Humanity that they usually experience abundance in their life. There is a universal law that says 'As you give, so shall you receive.' The people who have the primary intention to serve, usually receive abundance and wealth, and this is because of that universal law. Plus the 'Universe' or 'Source' wants them to be comfortable and keep serving so it will support the people who live in service.


These are often called Light Workers.'

There are many of us who came into this life experience from elsewhere, and feel Earth is not their normal home. I am one of those, and we are known as 'Star Seeds.' We have come to help Earth through her goal of Ascension and to help humanity ascend along with her. A person can visit their Star Family during a Quantum Hypnotherapy session. This is a wonderful experience and once they have connected during the session, they can connect with them again, because they know how and the door is opened for them.


It is as effective to do a session using a platform like Zoom, as it is face to face. In fact it is easier because distance is no barrier to the wonderful self discovery of one of these sessions. 


If you would like to inquire about having a session, please click on the below link and I will email you. We will have a quick chat through Zoom to discuss the session, and after that, we can book a time for the session. The sessions are $350 U.S and payment is collected by Paypal, using your credit or debit card. Each session can last up to 3 hours because we go over your questions, practice going into the required state and in this time you will get familiar with me, and more prepared for the session. People who have experienced these sessions say it is worth every dollar they spend and they would do it again. If the session fails for any reason, you will be refunded.

Wondering if you can be hypnotised? This type of session is not like the stage Hypnosis. It is a deep state of relaxation and really easy to do, and the client is awake and aware during the whole session. Ever driven somewhere and been deep in thought, and arrived at your destination realising you haven't really been present to driving? This is self hypnotisation. Your subconscious has done the driving for you, while your conscious mind has been engaged in your thoughts. This is similar to this technique. Your conscious mind is quietened and put into near sleep state, while your subconscious comes forward and allows you to travel through space and time. 

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