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What if I can't be Hypnotised? 

I Can't Be Hypnotized...and Other Hypnosis Myths


I have never been hypnotized, I’m afraid I can’t be hypnotized. 


You actually probably spend a good portion of your day in a light trance state! When you are driving a familiar route in your car, riding the train looking out the window, taking a leisurely shower, watching a great movie, reading a book in which you are totally engrossed, all of these things and more are commonly experienced in an alpha brain-wave state, which is considered a light trance.

But I don’t feel hypnotized when I am driving a car!

Have you ever gotten in a car and driven that familiar 20 minute route to a familiar place and it felt more like 5 minutes?  This is an indication of a light trance.

Think of the phrase we use, “My mind was a million miles away.” This is a trance state and what we are looking to achieve in hypnosis or in the experience of having a Past Life Regression.  

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