Self Healing and Intuitive Energy Healing

  • Are you struggling to move forward because of unhealed wounds from the past?

  • Did you know that our old, unhealed wounds are lodged in our energy field as shadows, constantly causing pain?

  • Are you aware that your 7 chakras (Energy Centres) in your body are affected by old trauma, and can be cleared, balanced and tuned?

  • Do you feel like you are in a Dark night of the soul, feeling almost depressed as you are realising all the things in your life are either falling away or don't matter any more? 

I understand!

When I went through my own awakening journey I felt like my life had no meaning. i felt there had to be to it than my boring humdrum life, of hiding away at home because i was so different to everyone around me. I felt they would not like me, and the fear of being ridiculed was huge!

that was until I met someone who held out their hand and said 'I understand! I will help you walk this journey, and help you avoid falling into the pit of depression'

Many years later, I am now qualified to help you, and help you navigate whatever  you are struggling with on your spiritual journey.