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Self Healing Coaching

  • Are you recovering from Narcissistic or toxic  Abuse and would like some coaching so you move in the right direction for you?

I get you. When I did my healing I had no coaching and it took years until I found the most important key to healing -Self Love, and help to move through the shadows into the light of healing. 

  • Is your life a never ending cycle of traumatic experiences because of the wounds of your past? 

  • Did you know that your old, unhealed wounds are lodged in your energy field as shadows, constantly causing pain and on stop trauma?

I understand,  when I received clearing of those areas of my body where it stored my trauma, I was able to heal a couple of health conditions when that stuck energy was removed.

  • Are you aware that your 7 chakras (Energy Centres) in your body are affected by old trauma, and can be cleared, balanced and tuned?


When I cleared my chakras (energy centers) I was able to bring my whole being back into balance and healthy functioning. Ask me about my 'High Energy Tech Healing Devises' that can be used to perform absent healing. Yes, we can do it through zoom!

 Before I went through my own healing journey I felt like my life had no meaning. I felt there had to be more to it than hiding away at home because I felt I had nothing to offer because I felt so broken.  

That was until I met someone who held out their hand and said 'I understand! That was my Higher Self who needed me to be a Healing Coach, and facilitate other peoples' healing journey.  I was guided through each healing stage.


Now, I can help you walk this journey, & guide you to being the powerful person you truly are when those shackles fall away, & find the meaning in your life.

Being on mission with meaning of life is what gives us energy and joy so we greet each day excited to be alive!

As an Occupational Therapist and Hypnotherapist and with the most important qualification of 'having been there too.' I am qualified to be your guide.

I invite you to a free 15 minute zoom call so you can meet me and find out if I am the one who feels right for you to coach you, through your healing journey

Subscribe to my youtube channel for tools to self heal, or send me a message and I will respond to arrange that intro zoom meeting.

Click on my photo below to reach my self healing youtube channel

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