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Are you ready to raise your vibration? 

Do you have days when you are feeling low and want to give your overall vibration a boost? 

Are you on a spiritual journey and want to lift your vibration so you can make real and lasting shifts in your llife? 

Are you faced with a challenge that does not appear to have a solution, and know in yourself thaat if you look at it from a higher vibrational place, the solution will probably reveal itself to you? 


Raising your vibration on a regular basis can create lasting change in your life. 


This meditation has been created with the goal of helping you to lift your vibration. In just under 20 minutes, you will be taken on a powerful journey that reminds you who you really are and gives you access to more of your Higher Vibrational energy. 

In this meditation, you will also tune up your chakras to bring more vitality into your body and wellbeing. 

Practice this meditation daily for at least 7 days, and the directions and music will become a part of you. You will be able to just relax, switch off your conscious mind and let your subconscious and energy body follow along with the process. The music is beautiful, and any time of the day you find yourself hearing it in your mind, you will likely find yourself having a boost in your vibration!

This meditation is stored online and can be accessed from any of your usual internet devices. Save the link, save it to a cloud storage as well, so you can access it at any time in your future. 


When you purchase this product, you will receive a link to access the pdf page. Open the page, download it if you like, however the link on the page is the link to the meditation. 





The 'Raise your Vibration Meditation' is Copyright Carol Raethel 2021. The link is for the purchaser only and is not to be shared with others. 



This product is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be a replacement for professional advice. The creator is not responsible for the results obtained from using this meditation. 

Raise your Vibration Meditation

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