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Meditation to communicate with your Loved One who has passed away. 

This meditation sets you up for a more enriched and easy connection with your loved one from this moment forwards, because in the non-physical realms, we are never separate from them. 

No more wishing and yearning to be able to talk with them. No more missing them with so much pain. You can have a contact experience as soon as you are ready to do the meditation.

It is just a matter of you learning how to reach that state of being, which enables you to meet them, and opens you up for further contact in both our realm here on Earth, and their realm on the 'other side of the veil.'

This gentle meditation helps you reach that optimal open awareness, and takes you on a short journey to meet your love one. 

This meditation can be repeated as often as you like, and like riding a bicycle, the more you practice, the more you can let your subconscious take over the experience and you can relax and go for the ride. 

Prepare a couple of questions for the meditation, so that when it offers you the chance to have a conversation, you are ready

Many people have a wonderful ongoing relationship with their Love One who has left their physical body, and over time, it feels as natural to talk with them as Spirit as it was when they had a physical body to focus their wonderful Spirit through. There is no reason you cannot have the same with time and practice.


Meditation to Communicate with a Loved One who has Passed Away

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  • Copyright Carol Raethel 2020. 

    This file can be downloaded for personal use only, and is not to be copied or shared.

    This meditation is for recreational purposes only, and Carol Raethel accepts no responsibility for individual results or experience during or after using this meditation

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