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Do you have trouble relaxing enough to get to sleep? 

Do you find it difficult to empty your mind enough to move into sleep? 


Too often, we go to bed when our brains are very active, and if there are troubling things on our mind, it can be really difficult to wind down to be able to sleep.


Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of accidents

Did you know, that when we are asleep, our body is engaged in repair, rejuvenation and during REM sleep, we get the best rest to boost our energy for the day? 


During the day our brain is working quickly, the waves are fast, and if we have things on our mind when we go to bed, it can be really difficult to shift gears into the right brain wave patterns to get a decent nights sleep!


This meditation, created by me; Carol Raethel, Occupational Therapist, is designed to help your body relax, and to slow your brain waves so that you move into sleep. It takes your brain down in the Theta wave pattern, which is just one step away from sleep.


This is a lovely meditation to play through your phone, with some ear buds, or through a tablet or small laptop that you can put aside when it is done, and just allow yourself to drift off into a peaceful sleep


This has got to be my favourite meditation, I almost fell asleep after editing the audio and listening to the lovely 2 minutes of music at the end.


When you purchase this meditation, you will receive a pdf file which has a link in it that you can use for a lifetime. 


It is copyright Carol Raethel 2021 All rights reserved


Enjoy!  :-) 

Meditation for Sleep

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