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Breeding and Saving Heirloom Seeds from Your Own Home Garden, online course. 

By Carol Raethel 

On sale now until midnight February 20th 2023 $100.00


Never has there been a more important time than now, to plan for your future, with the knowledge that no matter what, you can still feed your family from your vegetable garden

This is why I have spent the last 2 years, from the first lockdown in New Zealand, developing this course for you, so you can breed and save your own heirloom seeds that keep giving you the vegetables you know & love 

Saving seeds is not just about taking the seeds from your garden, it is about being assured that the seeds you gather are genetically pure, like their parents. All flowers of the same type of vegetable can cross-pollinate with each other. 


It is a massive disappointment to sow a seed, wait for weeks or months, only to discover the outcome is a misshapen and poor quality vegetable that you cannot use! I learned the hard way, so now you can avoid the mistakes and learn how to get it right from the start.


What will the course do for you? You will be able to 

  • Have the security of being able to provide for yourself & your family quality crops year after year

  • Feel the satisfaction from having bred & saved your own pure seeds

  • Have the opportunity to exchange seeds, knowledge, experience & support with others taking this course. 

  • You can also build up your future ‘Seed Bank’ against the day of need, which we all hope will never arrive

  • You can even save seeds from plants in a tiny space or pots


It is not hard to breed and save your own seeds. With a little equipment, & a bit of knowledge, you can do this!


To jump in now, click the 'Buy Now' button


Many varieties of vegetables need little intervention from you, & others that do, are easily managed with the right techniques, which you will learn, and in time maybe improve to suit your own style

In this course, you will have detailed information and 'step by step' instructions, pictures and videos demonstrating the techniques of breeding, harvesting and extracting seeds. Also the processing required for seeds to be able to germinate from fleshy veggies, like tomatoes. ​Did you know that the gel sack around each tomato seed is to stop them germinating? You will learn how to remove these gel sacks. 


A transcript of the entire course will be available as a download, which you can print at your local Stationers, have bound into a book & take to your garden.

The course will be available for you for a lifetime.


The vegetables covered in this course include

  • Legumes - Beans and Peas

  • Beet varieties - Silverbeet & Beetroot varieties

  • Brassicas - Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage & Kale

  • Pepper varieties - Capsicums & Chillies

  • Carrots

  • Celery

  • Corn (although these can be difficult in the small home garden)

  • Cucurbits - Cucumbers, Zucchini, Pumpkin & Squash Varieties, Melons

  • Leeks

  • Lettuces

  • Onions

  • Radishes

  • Spinach

  • Tomatoes


As a bonus when the course begins, you will have available to download

  • ‘Successfully Raising Plants from Seeds’ a guide for best results  germinating seeds, ebook.

  • ‘How to Start a Vegetable Garden and Master the Art of Year Round Harvest’ ebook which has great info for the beginner gardener, or if you would like a little revision


This course is arranged so that you can learn at your own pace. This means you decide when you want to sit down and learn, and can go to the lesson you need according to what vegetables in your garden may be ready for breeding.

If you are already growing some of the varieties covered in this course, you can begin saving your own seeds while still studying this course!!!

About Carol Raethel

Carol has bred and sold Heirloom Seeds within New Zealand since 2007

Starting with the usual mistakes, Carol put in the hours to learn how to breed seeds the right way so that she knew that the seeds she saved were genetically pure.

Carol is all about empowering others to learn skills that modern agriculture has caused many of us to lose. It is time to gain those skills again. 


Survival has always been the top motivation of all Living Beings, & our food supply is essential. Carol wants to empower you to have the confidence in always being able to save genetically pure seeds so you can feed you & yours, and teach your children so we never forget again! If Carol can do it, then you can too!

This is the perfect course to share with your children during lockdowns or whatever situation you are in right now and they will love to help you extract seeds when they are ripe and dry

The Price

The depth of knowledge & work that has gone into creating this course is massive. It is worth $399 or more. However, while we are all being challenged financially, this course is going to be available for $100.00 NZ until midnight 20th Feb 2023. You will have lifetime access!

Click Buy Now to start your successful journey of breeding and saving seeds, at less than half price. Don't delay. If you want to learn these skills, this is the course to take, and the time is now


Here is what a couple of people have to say about Carols Courses


Jodine Williams re Herb Course 2020

I have so enjoyed Carol’s class and I have learned so much!
Carol presented us with a wealth of information in a way that was easy to follow & relevant. I would highly recommend her courses 


Leanne Burgess re herb course 2020

I have enjoyed every minute of this course. Carol has a wealth of knowledge and a very presentable teaching manner.

Breeding and Saving Heirloom Seeds from Your Home Garden

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