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Meditation to Communicate with a loved one Who has passed away

The meditation you have purchased can be used as a tool to connect with your loved one, who left their physical earthly body, and returned to the non-physical dimension.

It is a good idea to write down a couple of your most pressing questions for when you meet your loved one. When you are in that part of the meditation, they will answer. The answer will be the first words that come to mind. 

What if I am just imagining the whole thing? Imagination is how the non-physical realm communicates with us. The word has become used to imply we are making things up. But there is nothing we can make up that does not already exist. All we are doing is tuning in to that particular energy in the Quantum Field. So trust in what you hear. 

It is a good idea to write down your experiences, date the notes and over time, you can see that you are strengthening your ability to connect and communicate, and this will also increase your psychic abilities. You will notice more often when your loved one is visiting you. This is a wonderful experience indeed

I wish you all the best and hope that you practice this often enough so that you can have your own intentional contact. Practice is the key.

Much love.

Now I must do a

Disclaimer: This meditation is created for entertainment purposes only, and the experience and results of the meditation are the sole responsibility of the person using it. Carol Raethel takes no responsibility for the individual results a user may experience. (Unless it is awesome! 😉 )

I offer this meditation to you

Carol Raethel

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