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Breeding and Saving Heirloom Seeds in Your Home Garden Online Course

By Carol Raethel

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There has never been a time more than now, when our access to fresh vegetables has been threatened. Not only are the prices of vegetabes sky rocketing in the super markets, but I am seeing the different varieties of seeds dwindling. As a home gardener, you are only able to grow your crops as long as the seeds are available.

Also, if you have ever tried to save your own seeds from your garden when your plants go to seed, have you had that experience of growing something that is a cross between a cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli? Maybe not, but all these varieties can breed with each other and the end result is - nothing to eat!

Did you know, that with a little knowledge and a few bits of timber and cloth, you can breed and save your own seeds, in your own home garden? 

It is easy when you know how, and you can grow enough seeds to last for years to come. 

Never has there been a more important time than now, to plan for your future, and have the secure knowledge that no matter what, you can still feed your family from your own garden.

This is why I spent 2 years, since the first lockdown in my country, developing and putting together the online course ‘How to Breed and Save Heirloom Seeds in Your Home Garden’

Saving seeds is not just about taking the seeds from your garden, it is about being assured that the seeds you gather are genetically pure, like their parents. All flowers of the same type of vegetable can cross-pollinate with each other, so you need to know how to keep the genetic line of your seeds pure. You need to know that you are going to grow vegetables with the exact size, flavour and performance that you have come to know and love. 

So I present you with the online course ‘How to Breed and Save Heirloom Seeds in Your Home Garden’ Learn at your own pace, in your own time

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What will the course do for me? You ask. By taking this course, you will be able to

  • Have the security of being able to provide for yourself and your family quality crops from your own garden year after year, knowing they are going to have the same nutritional value, size and appearance on into the future

  • The security of knowing you will not run out of the high nutrient food your body needs to be healthy

  • Have the wonderful feeling of satisfaction from having bred and saved your own quality seeds, which I can assure you is a very empowering feeling

  • Have the opportunity to exchange seeds with others who have taken this course, because you can connect with each other in the course platform.  

  • You can also have the opportunity to sell some of your excess seeds, or put them into long term storage and build up your future ‘Seed Bank’ against the day of need, which we all hope will never arrive

  • Have the opportunity to breed and save seeds in a little space


The good news is, it is not hard to breed and save your own seeds. With a little equipment, and a bit of knowledge, you can save your own genetically pure seeds and a have a well-built supply of seeds!


The processes involved in this course are simple, and there is little cost aside from your time. Many varieties of vegetables need little intervention from you, and others that do, are easily managed with the right techniques, which I am going to teach you ‘step by step’.

In the ‘Breeding and Saving Heirloom Seeds from your Home Garden’, you will learn the following

  • The science of plant reproduction via flowers, so that you have the confidence to do certain breeding practices. Cucumbers, Zucchinis, Pumpkins and Melons all require the same breeding technique to prevent cross-pollination

  • Botanical Classification. Knowledge of the Genus and species of your plants is vital to know, in order to prevent any cross-pollination

  • Which plants can be left to go to seed without intervention, and which plants need to be isolated from others so their offspring have the pure genetic lineage.

  • The techniques of isolation you can use to isolate those plants to prevent contamination from pollen from other plants of the same species

  • Step by Step instructions, pictures and videos showing you how to isolate your plants and perform any breeding techniques for every vegetable, or vegetable ‘Family’ in this course

  • ​​​Step by Step videos and instructions showing you how to process any seeds that need processing so they are able to germinate the following spring. Some seeds, like tomato seeds have a coating on the seeds which prevents them from germinating

  • Step by step videos or images showing you how to work with individual types of vegetables.

Once you have seen these videos and learned the ‘know how’, you will be able to transfer that knowledge onto other varieties of the same ‘Family’ of vegetables

  • How to mature your harvested seeds for each variety

  • For some varieties, videos of demonstrations on how to extract the seeds and keep them as clean as possible

  • Storage Methods for the short term or long term that you can trust to keep your seeds viable

The vegetables studied in this course are of all the common vegetables that reproduce via their flowers. (See list below on this sales page)

A complete course transcript of the entire course will be available as a download, which you can print at the local Stationers, bind it into a book and can carry out to the garden with you.

Quite literally, you will learn all you need to know from start to finish on breeding and saving your common vegetable seeds.

The course will be available for you for a lifetime, so that you can go back and refresh your memory of any part of the course.

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The vegetables covered in this course, listed by type include


  • Legumes, including Beans and Peas

  • Beet varieties, which include Silverbeet and Beetroot varieties

  • Brassicas, which include Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage and Kale.

  • Pepper varieties, which include Capsicums and Chillies

  • Carrots

  • Celery

  • Corn (although these can be difficult in the small home garden, someone on a large farm can produce massive seed crops to share or sell)

  • Cucurbits, including Cucumbers, Zucchini, Pumpkin and Squash Varieties plus Melons

  • Leeks

  • Lettuces

  • Onions

  • Parsnip

  • Radishes

  • Spinach

  • Tomatoes

  • Zucchini – already in the cucurbit group! :-D


With all the knowledge on how to breed and save your own seeds of these varieties, you can then go on to learn for yourself the needs of other types of vegetables. The techniques and terminology you learn on this course will enable to you quickly create a plan for saving those new varieties, because all of the information is on the internet.

As a bonus when you sign up for this course, you will have available to download

  • ‘Successfully Raising Plants from Seeds’ a comprehensive guide to get the best results when germinating seeds ebook.

  • ‘How to Start a Vegetable Garden and Master the Art of Year Round Harvest’ ebook which has sowing guides and instructions on growing the common vegetables if you need a little revision


This course is arranged so that you can learn at your own pace. This means you decide when you want to sit down and learn or jump about between the lessons depending on what you want to know at the time.

This course is available the moment you buy it, and create an account on the course platform. It is yours for a lifetime so you can come back to any part, any time. If you are growing some of the varieties covered in this course, you can start your breeding programme right away, or take the steps to save seeds from plants that do not require any breeding from you.

In other words, you can begin saving your own seeds while still studying this course!!!

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About Carol Raethel

Carol has bred and sold Heirloom Seeds within New Zealand since 2009

Being an avid researcher, she went straight to the best resources to learn how to breed seeds the right away so that she knew, without a shadow of doubt, that the seeds she saved were genetically pure.

Why is Carol encouraging you to learn how to save your seeds? Why is she risking having no business in the future?

Carol set out with the seed business with the intention of empowering people to grow their own healthy food for themselves and their families, with Heirloom Varieties free from any genetic engineering.

Since the first health situation that caused the lockdowns in 2020, Carol began to create this course, because she felt it important that everyone have access to this knowledge. Survival has always been the top motivation of all Living Beings, and our food supply is one of the top needs for survival. Carol wants this knowledge to go far and wide and for people to pass on these skills to each other.

Carol is motivated by empowering others, and not concerned about any loss of income from seed sales. The day Carol sees no more seed orders in her inbox is the day she can smile and know she has achieved her goal.

Lastly, let’s look at the price of the course.

The course is in NZ dollars. Do your conversion to your country’s currency.

The depth of knowledge and work that has gone into creating this course is so valuable, it is worth $399 or more.

Carol refuses to sell it at that price because she knows many people would not be able to pay for it.

So, with a bit of thought and valuing the extensive material taught in the course, Carol decided on

$147.00 NZD. And until midnight 30/9/23 it is reduced to $100.00 

Here is what a couple of people have to say about Carols Courses


Jodine Williams re Herb Course 2020

I have so enjoyed Carol’s class and I have learned so much!
Carol presented us with a wealth of information in a way that was easy to follow & relevant. I would highly recommend her courses  


Leanne Burgess re herb course 2020

I have enjoyed every minute of this course. Carol has a wealth of knowledge and a very presentable teaching manner.

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