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About Me

I'm a human being just like you.

I have been involved in a path of self improvement, spiritual growth and developing my gifted Psychic abilities for 30 years. Prior to that I was a student of life!

I help and coach anyone who asks, to lead them out of pain, and into the life they came here to live. To be free from the past, and to be free to explore and embrace their full nature with a sense of joy and fulfillment in life.  

I gained many skills in the years I have been alive on Earth, including a Diploma in Occupational Therapy, which taught me how to create therapy programmes to help people heal themselves and achieve in life, where it all seemed so impossible before their accident or illness, be it physical or mental/emotional.

One thing that I can bring to a coaching or therapy programme that is of extreme importance is the Holistic View. This view mandates that a problem in one area of our life, affects all other areas of our life. So for example, if a person hurt their back, then they are in pain. This is going to affect their work, their family life, their love life and even their leisure. We are whollistic beings, and abuse/trauma and recovery happen to the 'Whole' person.This understanding enables me to ensure that any therapy or coaching I offer, enables the client to see improvement in ALL areas of their life. 

I have experienced, and recovered from a great deal of trauma in my past. This has enabled me to grow as a Soul. Through adversity comes awakening. This is something probably everyone who is reading this page has experienced to some degree or other. 

Self Love. I mention this here because it was when I began to actively love myself at the beginning of my new life, I realised that recovery can only occur with Self Love. Self Love opens the door to everything. When we don't love ourselves, we might achieve some things, but we do not experience it as a success. We feel like we are Imposters, with a great sense of the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. Self Love is what turns success into a feeling that sings through all of our Being. Self Love is at the heart of all my services. 

The other major thing that the early events in my life set the stage for is my knowing that we are more than just a physical body and there is a non-physical part of us as well. We are Spiritual Beings living through our body. In other words, our body is our Avator for this life experience. When we fully grasp this, the world of possibilities opens up. There is so much to explore and accomplish when we embrace the power we have to Create our own world experience! I studied with an Ancient Mystery School for many years and can now coach people on their own journey. If you want to overcome what is holding you back, or blocking you from experiencing yourself as a Spiritual Being then consider my coaching programme. To learn more, click on Spiritual Growth 

We were all born with our Psychic Powers intact, however unless our parents or life experience didn't enable us to use them, then we forgot. If you are keen to Awaken your Psychic Powers for the betterment of your life. learn how meditation can enable them to awaken, or anything else about what is possible when you switch on more of your abilities, click Spiritual Growth

I am what is called a 'Starseed' which means a person whose Soul came to be incarnated on Earth to help people through the next phase of human evolution. We are about to undergo a major shift and life is triggering us to wake up and learn who we really are, and why we are here. This is a major time for all of humanity, and you may have heard of the term Ascension. This is about a collective raising of consciousness, which is a cyclic event that has occured on Earth for thousands of years. There is a great deal to learn about, and it raises more questions the more you learn. 

If you are still reading this 'About Me' page, and if this information is stirring something inside you, perhaps you would like to connect with the Higher Self aspect of you who can give you knowledge of who you are, where you most recently came from in prior incarnations, why you are here now and what are you here to do?  Quantum Hypnotherapy sessions are a type of hypnotherapy where we put your conscious mind in a sleepy state and awaken the Subconscious, connect with your Higher Self that connects with all of your existence. Being connected with the Higher Dimensional aspects of oneself and reality  is generally reported to be a Wondrous Loving Experience that words cannot describe. Answers to your questions can be found, and through my careful guiding questions, you can explore many experiences you have had in different incarnations, explore places like the Hall of Records, or be taken wherever your Higher Self deems important for you to experience. There is so much more to Quantum Hypnotherapy, so please click on Quantum Hypnotherapy to learn more. 

There is so much more to what I offer than what I have mentioned above, so explore my site to find other services to help you have a more free, happier, healthier and joy filled life. 

I have a saying which I made up many years ago, and it sums up everything I teach to people, in a nutshell. 

Be Who you Are

Do what You Love

Live Your Truth

and You will Inspire the World.

Much Love, Carol :-) 

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